When put on the spot and asked to talk about myself my first instinct is to hide behind the absurd, or else to crack open my ribcage and spill my guts. Either way, I stammer. I trail off. Eventually, I retreat to the safety of keeping buttoned up.

I write fiction and poetry. To accompany my words, I create images, even if they usually only amount to doodles. I have been building the imaginary world that serves as the setting to in which Neil finds himself for as long as I can remember, though it does not usually (or ever, really) revolve around him.

I work with my partner to conceptualize characters and stories. The bulk of our current projects are set in a post-apocalyptic Canadian wasteland. He does most of the illustration, I do most of the colouring. Between the two of us, we work out the story, and then I write it, and we edit each other back and forth. It is good times.

Our deviantART gallery, which houses a collection of our conjoined work, can be found here.

My tumblr, which I try to update with work-in-progress images from my colouring work, can be found here.

I believe I may begin to keep my blogging here, rather than there. I am new to wordpress, and to blogging as a whole. I’m setting up this site as a way to archive some of my personal work and put it out here for the world to see. This site serves also as an experiment, as I hope to one day build a suitable site for complete stories, and for the work of my partner and I.