The Maiden Voyage of the Amalthea

fiction, in-world

(and the curious events that followed)

They called it the Amalthea. It was the first unmanned aircraft to successfully navigate the skies above the curdled woods that have consumed the ruined city of Nolenthee.

Contains interview and testimony by Byrom and Arista Kenley, the father-daughter team who invented and controlled the remarkable contraption. Ribbons guides us through the experiences of the Amalthea’s inventors, and several key eye-witnesses to the events that transpired on its return. What could have happened to the Amalthea to drive it back into the sky, not only unmanned, but untamed?! How is it that the Amalthea is still so often spotted hovering low over the tree-tops, overgrown with tree-roots and moss?!

This book is a somewhat overblown examination of what is an otherwise overlooked historic event. The author is extremely excitable. Neil has a theory or two of his own.

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