The crossword puzzle was too much for him.

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He shouldn’t feel badly about it. He was attempting to work his way through a crossword puzzle from a paper infamous for its use of uncommon vocabulary and questionable historic content. Described as impenetrably obscure by even the hardiest of crossword puzzlers.

The vocabulary of the man who designed this puzzle has been compared to the pages of seven dictionaries from seven different centuries, all removed from their covers and shuffled. He is impossible to speak to because he litters his speech with references to history and pop culture, and has yet to decide on a single word for “hello”. Such is his love of language that he does not realize that this makes him seem like a bit of a prat, and cannot comprehend the idea that not everyone has the energy to keep up with more than a few decades of colloquial terminology at a time.

He sees his puzzles as a way to try and introduce other people to the beauty of language.

It doesn’t work.

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