Afloat process1


I’m working away on the colours for the first page of a small story. Post apocalyptic. Canadian. It will be no more than five pages, so the art and writing need to be tight. Afloat is the working title.

This one’s got lots of water in. So much water. I foresee much standing at the waterfront and screaming, “WHAT ARE YOU?! HOW DO YOU EVEN WORK?!”

I’m going to upload little previews here as I work, so as to help me keep track of my progress.

I’m having fun making the water a bit murky. I feel that up close, it should be muddy, maybe even oily or obviously polluted. It’s not a healthy planet, after all. At present I’ve contented myself with silt and a bit of sea moss. It’ll be filthy by the time I’m done, though. It’ll make a better contrast against the open water, when we get there.

This car will be more rust eaten. And I’ll probably paint in some more dirt and sea moss. I’ve developed an inordinate fondness for green slime.

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